• WIBQ radio in Sarasota, FL, Tilli and Lorna interviewed by Cliff Roles on Dec. 2, 2005

• WNIJ radio in DeKalb, Ill. (NPR affiliate), Tilli and Lorna interviewed by Sue Stephens on Nov. 30, 2005

• KRES radio in central Missouri, Tilli and Lorna interviewed by Stephanie Ross on Oct. 3, 2005

• WOCU radio in Ocala, Florida, Tilli and Lorna interviewed by Larry Whitler and Robin Macblane with listener call-in questions, Oct. 3, 2005

• KYW radio in Philadelphia, Penn., Tilli interviewed by Don Lancer on Oct. 3, 2005

• WGVU radio in Grand Rapids, Mich. (NPR affiliate), Tilli interviewed by Shelley Irwin on Oct. 3, 2005


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